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Lukashenka: We are not with Russia against Europe or with Europe against Russia

Photo: Euroradio

On May 24, Aliaksandr Lukashenka made a keynote address at the international forum "Eastern Europe: Searching for security for all" in Minsk. In his speech, the Belarus president focused on the current situation in international relations and the regional security.

Lukashenka likened the situation today with the one ahead of the World War I. He urged the big players to ponder. The situation is worse than during the Cold War, Lukashenka said.

"If big nations fail to agree with each other today, this does not mean that all the other countries need to sit quietly and wait for their instructions. I am convinced that Europe can and must show an example  in addressing the existing problems between the West and the East. It has to become a place where the current issues are resolved, in particular the crisis in Ukraine." The head of state reckons that the medium and small-size countries should have more than a cameo role in the global politics.

"We are not with Russia against Europe or with Europe against Russia. The question of who you are with is unacceptable to us, in principle," the Belarus leader stressed.

Lukashenka proposed to support and bring back to life the OSICE becuase "many people have already forgotten what it is about."